Domestic Violence Leaves One Dead, Deputy Injured

Watson, Louisiana – District Attorney Scott Perrilloux declined to press charges against a Livingston Parish sheriff’s deputy who killed his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

“There will be no criminal charges brought against a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office employee who shot and killed an individual who came to his home while off-duty and threatened him,” said the DA.

The incident under investigation comes from December 16th last year when 30-year-old Aaron Sparkman went to the home of Deputy Caleb Browning. Sparkman and his ex-girlfriend shared custody of their 3-year-old child and he became angry when she did not return his calls or messages.

Sparkman’s neighbors told investigators they had seen him walk to his truck blaring loud music and firing several rounds from a gun as he walked with his young child. He then left with the child in the truck approximately half an hour before arriving at Deputy Browning’s residence searching for the mother of his child.

Police say Sparkman left the child in the truck and advanced on home through the woods. Shell casings found scattered throughout the woods and in the front yard confirmed victim reports that the suspect fired his weapon repeatedly as he walked up to the home.

Surveillance video footage of the shooting shows Deputy Browning and Sparkman face off in the driveway, both with weapons out. Browning, attempting to talk Sparkman down, dropped his gun for a moment, but the suspect swung his gun at the deputy and fired another round before the two began to fight hand to hand.

In the fight, Sparkman was shot several times and Deputy Browning was shot once in the leg. Sparkman was pronounced dead at the scene by responding paramedics, and Browning was transported to the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound.

An autopsy of Sparkman showed a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .117 and was considered legally intoxicated.

A statement released by Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard said:

“LSP & the DA have completed a review of this case. I have reviewed the facts & the findings of the LSP & the DA. My deputy works in our Information Technology (IT) Division. He does not have an enforcement role. He was off-duty at the time of this incident. My employee was simply exercising his 2nd Amendment right to defend himself, his guest & his property. It’s a tragedy that one young man lost his life. But, without my deputy’s actions that night, more people could have died. This deputy remains on leave recovering from the serious injuries he received that night.”

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