Why Us?

We get it… we have competition and you have a lot of choices when deciding who to take your class from. We hope some of the below insights will give you some direction in understanding who we are and why we think we can serve your needs!

  • A lot of instructors will teach a NRA basic pistol or similar course that may meet the basic requirements of the state but will not give you all the information you need about Louisiana laws that will be important in your everyday carry practices. We cover those things extensively.
  • While we make no promises about being the least expensive option in the area we have found that we offer an economic and quality option.
  • We have been teaching firearm training courses in Louisiana for over a decade. Experience counts.
  • Our classes are taught in relatively small groups of 3-8 students. We don’t cram you into the range with 15 other people all holding guns.
  • Our instructors are not just “gun guys” they are also excellent teachers.
  • While we think the laws are important we put even greater emphasis on the ethical and civil repercussions that come from defending yourself.
  • Our class curriculum is designed to work for both novice and experienced shooters.
  • We offer classes both on week days and weekends as well as private instruction at the time you choose.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. We welcome your feedback.
  • We are committed to your ongoing education and training.