The Process of Getting a Louisiana Concealed Carry Permit

In Louisiana only residents are eligible to receive their concealed handgun permit. Active duty military assigned to a military posting in Louisiana can also be eligible.

The first step is to take a complete a firearms safety or training course offered or approved by the Louisiana State Police (like our course). The state is very strict about what training they will accept. Only National Rifle Association Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home or Personal Protection Outside the home will be accepted. For more details about the specifics of training requirements as outlined by the state visit this page: Louisiana required training for concealed carry permits.

After the class is complete, you will fill out the official state application for a concealed handgun permit and your instructor will sign it. Your instructor will also help you with the fingerprints (some instructors charge extra but we do not) and all other paperwork.

Mail your completed paperwork to:

Louisiana State Police
Concealed Handgun Permit Unit
P.O. Box 66375
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

As an alternative you can also submit your application via the online portal. We will cover in our class how this can be done.

Please note the state no longer requires that you submit photos with your application and no longer requires that your application be notarized.