Constitutional Carry Bill In Jeopardy With Threat of Gov. Veto

UPDATE July 21, 2021: We have posted that the legislature did not reach the number of votes to successfully override the veto. More information here.

UPDATE June 28, 2021: We have posted that Governor John Bel Edwards has indeed vetoed SB 118. You can find more information here.

So far in 2021, six states have passed constitutional carry bills, removing the requirement to obtain a permit before carrying a concealed handgun. Governors in 4 of the 6 states have signed the bill. Texas Governor Abbott is expected to sign his bill but has not yet. Louisianna is the 6th state to send such a bill to the governor for signature.

constitutional carry Louisiana

Senate Bill 118:

Louisianna Legislature passed Senate Bill 118 that would remove the requirement that a person over 21 must first obtain a license to carry concealed, even if they can possess a firearm legally.

As is the case with other states that have enacted similar laws, Louisianna will still maintain a concealed carry license program. It still might make sense for people living in states with constitutional carry laws on the books to obtain a license, especially if they travel to states that do not have constitutional carry but have reciprocity with Louisianna.

House Bill 124:

Additionally, House Bill 124 clarified confusing language that was applied incorrectly to criminalize a concealed carrier who carried a “weapon” such as a knife along with their handgun.

constitutional carry bill

Gov. May Veto The Bill:

While SB 118 passed with an overwhelming majority in the House (73-26) and in the Senate (27-9), Governor John Bel Edwards will likely veto the bill. When asked about the bill back in April, Gov. Edwards spoke about the current permit process and said:

That’s the right balance to strike. And I feel very strongly about that. I also feel very strongly that a considerable majority of the people in Louisiana support the system we currently have.

Because the bill passed with such majorities, even if Edwards were to reject it through veto, the legislature would likely have the votes to override the veto. If you live in Louisiana, please contact the governor’s office and tell him to sign the bill into law.

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  1. Gary Z on June 21, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Keep in mind that it already passed both the House and Senate with more then a 2/3 vote the first time. They did it once they can do it again. They have the votes!

  2. Daniel Murchison on August 17, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Dear Governor Edwards I am asking you to please sign the CCW bill so we can carry our handgun without having to pay every 5 year to renew our permit. Many people have had permits for years without creating any harm to anyone and have helped in robberies and saved innocent peoples lives. It is my belief that with more people carrying will result in less deaths because when someone desires to start shooting innocent people in a Mall, Stadium or whatever hopefully someone can stop the shooter before they can kill many or anyone. Please let the bill pass. Please sign this bill.

  3. Juju B on October 15, 2022 at 8:55 am

    Yes this bill is needed. Criminals ARE carrying concealed and law abiding citizens should be able to do the same to protect themselves. Maybe the idea that more good people ate carrying concealed will deter some of these cowards

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