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Victim of Home Invasion Charged W/ Attempted 2nd Degree Murder

At around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, Alexandria (LA) Officers (APD) were called to the area of Highway One and Tullamore in response to reports of gunfire.

According to the reports, two vehicles had been exchanging gunfire while on the highway.

When officers arrived, 53-year-old Carmello Casciari told them he’d been robbed at gun point during a home invasion by 3 black males and one white male at an unknown location in Natchitoches Parish. Over $3000 dollars and a cell phone were reported stolen.

The victim of the robbery then told detectives he, and for some reason his wife, jumped into his truck and pursued the four criminals who fled in a Jeep also believed to be stolen.

The chase went on for some time as the two vehicles sped down the 58.7 miles of highway between Natchitoches Parish and Alexandria.

When the chase neared I-49 and Airbase Rd, Casciari had finally caught up enough to pull close to the Jeep, sparking a gun battle between the two vehicles.

Casciari’s truck, now riddled with bullets, veered off the road and plunged into the ditch where he was found by APD officers.

While Casciari was apparently uninjured, his wife had been shot in the leg. She was transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and Alexandria Police responded to the scene attempting to locate the robbers, but the men had already fled on foot and remain at large.

While Casciari is the apparent victim in the situation, police do not appear to be impressed with him putting his wife and other motorists on the highway at risk with his actions.

Also, investigators say at no time did Mr. Casciari attempt to contact the police or report the crime.

According to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

“As a result of the shooting one person identified as Carmello Casciari, 53, of Lena has been booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center charged with Attempted Second-Degree Murder.”

If you have any information contact the NPSO Criminal Investigations Division at 357-7830, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office or Alexandria Police Department.

Mr. Casciari did absolutely everything wrong that could have been done wrong. He put, not just his own safety, but the safety of his family and community at risk with his actions.

If Casciari had not let his ego get in the way, he could have easily notified police of the crime. He might be out $3000 and a cell phone, but he wouldn’t be in jail on Attempted Second-Degree murder charges with an injured (and likely angry) wife at home.

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What do you think of the actions of Mr. Casciari? What would you have done instead? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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