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New Orleans Man Shoots Robber Who Targeted his Mother

New Orleans Robbery Shooting

The idea of a mother stopping at nothing to protect her child is a story you hear about a lot in society as well as nature as a whole, but sometimes the tables are turned and it is the child that is called upon to protect their mother. That’s exactly what happened during an attempted robbery in New Orleans on October 13th of this year.

At around 12:30 in the afternoon on October 13th, a woman was entering her car when she was suddenly attacked by two men in black masks at the 3800 block of Havana Place. The men pointed handguns at the 39-year-old woman and ordered her to the ground. Originally the victim did not respond to these threats and was therefore thrown to the ground by one of the men while the other grabbed her purse.

After grabbing the purse the criminals attempted to make a quick getaway but were chased down by none other than the robbery victim’s son, who had an equalizer that the mother, unfortunately, did not. A gun.

The two robbers began shooting at the young man, but in their quick escape attempt could not get enough of a bead on him to effectively hit him with any of their rounds fired.

The same cannot be said for the son himself, who returned fire at the criminals, striking one of them in the leg. This shot slowed down the pair of would-be robbers long enough for the New Orleans Police Department to set up a perimeter around the two criminals that closed in slowly but surely until the two men were arrested.

As for the mother and son, there were no injuries to report on and it doesn’t seem that any legal action will be taken for the son’s shots fired in defense of himself and his mother. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is legal or wise to give chase to your attackers but in this incident it worked out for the victims.

What do you think of this story? Would you have what it takes to be a guardian if it was your mother that needed saving? Let us know in the comments below.

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