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Two New Orleans Men Fend Off Attempted Carjacking with Guns

New Orleans DGU

New Orleans was a hotbed of crime this weekend with five major robbery attempts on Sunday night alone. Unfortunately, four of those five were entirely successful, but one incident we are looking at today may have saved some lives and serves as an example of how to protect innocent lives during a crime.

The incident we are taking a look at occurred at 1:45 a.m. in the 1000 block of Milan Street in Uptown New Orleans. Police reports indicate that two men, aged 57 and 62 had just gotten to their shared home and were getting out of their car when a pair of men dressed all in black and wearing masks walked up to them.

The men in masks pushed the 62-year-old to the ground and forced the 57-year-old to place his hands on the car. They then told the gentlemen that they were going to take the car. That didn’t sit too well with the 62-year-old, who was already in fear for his safety after being pushed to the ground by the masked pair.

Luckily for him as well as the 57-year-old man, the older gentleman was carrying a concealed handgun at the time and managed to draw and fire at the two thieves while they were trying to take the car.

One of the shooter’s rounds pierced the abdomen of the attempted carjacker. However, the wound was not serious enough to stop him running away on foot, while his partner managed to get into the silver Infiniti and take off into the night.

Thankfully the incident ended in only material goods being taken and no injuries between the two men. As of the writing of this piece, the carjacker and the Infiniti were still missing. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111

But the subject of our story didn’t seem too worried about his car, believing the police will do their job in getting it back to him. In an interview done, the man’s name was not released, but his statement about his actions says something about his positivity and character. The shooter stated regarding the incident and his shooting…

“He had the ups on me, I could have said, ‘OK, man. I could have just dropped my gun. It don’t make no sense. A lot of people says, ‘Well, he had the ups on me and I dropped my gun.’ I didn’t want to go like that, so, ya know, I’m like a Viking. I’m hard to go down. I came up hard.”

That’s certainly a positive outlook. Hopefully, his automobile will be brought back to him shortly.

What do you think of this story? Do you think our defensive shooter’s friend was thankful to have a Guardian looking out for him? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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