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Baton Rouge DGU: It Doesn’t Have to be Your Gun, You Just Need to Know How to Use It

Baton Rouge DGU

Imagine the scene. You are in your yard, someone comes up behind you with a gun to your head, shoots you in the hand to prove he is serious and you are supposed to get out alive. Do you think you could do it? Well, a Baton Rouge man has just proven that it can be done.

A little after Midnight on September 7th, a man outside of his home on East Brookstown Drive had a nightmarish experience of being snuck up on from behind and having a gun placed to his head while in his front yard. The man doing it was Travion Springer who made the threat on the homeowner’s life and demanded money from him.

At that point, the homeowner was in no position to argue with Springer, so the two went into the house and were about to grab the money for Springer to run off with.

However, this is where the story veers from the planned path. Maybe the homeowner found an opening, maybe it was the last gasp defense of himself and his property, maybe it was sheer stupidity, but somehow the homeowner managed to free himself from Springer and begin a struggle over the firearm.

In the process of the struggle, the homeowner was shot in his left hand, causing an injury to his middle finger. Nevertheless, the homeowner continued the fight and after a few moments he actually managed to secure the gun away from Springer and turned the tables on him.

Now Springer was staring down the barrel of a gun and he would remain to do so until the authorities arrived shortly thereafter to take him away.

Springer was charged with armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated second-degree battery, and possession of a stolen firearm and as for the homeowner, there is no news of any charges against him and no threat to his life from his injuries.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that you could have stopped the threat in the same manner that the homeowner did? Let us know in the comments below.


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