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Concealed Carry Permit Holder Assaulted And Disarmed


Last month a concealed carry permit holder walked into a Walmart with his concealed firearm. The catch? It wasn’t well concealed. The firearm carrying citizen went into a store bathroom and was followed by another man who attacked him with a punch in the face. When the firearm owner fell to the ground the attacker stole his firearm from him and turned it on the gun owner.

Far too many things are wrong with this picture but the most obvious one comes down to the idea that concealed means concealed. Parading around our firearms is not only unwise its outright dangerous. If to any degree you are or have become sloppy in your concealed carry technique it is time to button up your game.

Second, we need to mind our own situation with much greater care. The suspect was clearly following around the man throughout the store waiting for the right opportunity. Would you have noticed? How much attention do you give to the people around you. Don’t let your guard down just because you are in a public place you assume to be fairly safe.

Third, a good holster should have an element of firearm retention. Either a strap, button, or twist type break that makes it difficult for anyone to pull the firearm free quickly unless they are in the right position and have trained with the holster. Does your holster have strong retention?


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