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Looking Forward to Shot Show

If you are not familiar with Shot Show, it is the firearm industry’s largest annual event. Hosted and executed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), this event brings out all the big and small vendors and companies in the industry to Las Vegas for four days of events, exhibits, and industry announcements. This year […]

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Gun Buying Tips for the Forgotten Demographic

I plead guilty. Yes, I have not paid enough attention to a very important group of gun enthusiasts and self defense pistol shooters. In a past article, Where to Begin When Choosing Your Firearm for Concealed Carry, I provided some help to those purchasing a gun for personal defense. I look back and with regret, realize that I […]

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Top 3 Gun Rights Wins & Losses in 2015

Another year has come and gone…out with the old, in with the new. 2016 is here now and 2015 is but a memory. We here at USA Firearm Training, if we haven’t already, would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year, and we hope this is a great year filled with much success especially […]

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Florida and Maine Enter Into Permit Reciprocity

As previously reported, a change to Maine’s law allows that they will honor any resident permit from any state where that state also honor’s the Maine permit. With that said Florida has begun to honor the Maine resident permit and thus Maine now honor’s the Florida resident permit. It is worth noting that neither state […]

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RFID & Electromagnetic Pulse

Today many of your credit cards have a small chip called a RFID chip inside of the card. You may or may not be able to clearly see the chip in the card. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and this chip is what allows you to just tap your card up against the card […]

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Obama’s Executive Order Imminent

Every media outlet has reported that President Obama intends to announce one or more executive orders before the end of this month designed to slow or stop gun violence in America. There has been some speculation about what he may attempt to do and today I’m going to clarify some of his options and also […]

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[VIDEO] Sig Sauer P250 .380 Auto Review

Damon and Ron take a look at the Nitron .380 auto. We love the ammo capacity and easy of use. Looks really nice and we can tell you since making the video that it fires really well. Double action trigger is a little long but all around a nice gun. More information from the Manufacturer’s […]

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nh permit reciprocity

Maine and New Hampshire Honor Each Other’s Permits

As previously reported, Maine passed a new law in 2015 that granted reciprocity to any resident permit from a state that also honors the Maine permit. New Hampshire has moved forward with recognizing the Maine permit and so naturally in turn Maine will honor the New Hampshire permit. >>Maine State Site >>New Hampshire State Site […]

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