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New Orleans Concealed Carry Class on July 6th 2017


On July 6th 2017, our instructor Brian Dolly will be teaching a state certified concealed carry class in New Orleans. To attend register by clicking “add to cart” below or call us via the above phone number. Additional details and information about the class and location are below.

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About the Concealed Carry License Course

The class will run from 8am to 5pm but there will be a break for lunch. This class is a custom curriculum approved by the Louisiana State Police to qualify students to apply for the state ccw permit. The majority of the class is taught in our classroom and is lecture style teaching. Students will learn core gun safety rules and practices as well as basic mechanical parts, operation, and handling techniques. We will review training techniques and relevant Federal, State, and local firearm laws as well. Following this classroom portion we will run the qualification shooting (live fire) portion of the class on at a nearby range. Students need to bring a handgun with 50 rounds of ammunition. Please do not worry about the tests. We will spend all day preparing you and will be there to guide you!

The $125 fee INCLUDES the paperwork and fingerprinting fees. Students will need to bring an extra $14 for the range fee. Please note the $125 doesn’t include the state fee for the application.

About Your Concealed Carry Instructor

Brian has been teaching firearm training courses for twenty years. For the last 15 years he has been providing instruction for the Louisiana Concealed Carry permit in the New Orleans area. Learn more by visiting his profile.

The CCW Class Location

The exact concealed carry class location is given to students when they enroll online or over the phone. We teach at our private office location that is not open during regular business hours. The class is held at our north New Orleans location. Learn more about the North New Orleans Location here.

How to Register for the CCW Class

Register by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button above and completing the online secure checkout. As soon as checkout is complete all the class information you need will be displayed on screen and sent to you via email with your receipt. As an alternative to paying online you can also call our office and register over the phone at the phone number above.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions

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