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Louisiana Woman Arrested for Shooting Llama

A Louisiana woman was arrested for shooting a llama in self-defense in February.

67-year-old Madeline Bourgeois told St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s deputies that her pet llama “Earl” had attacked her while she worked in the pasture.

She attempted to fend off the animal (which can grow to between 290 and 440 lbs.) with strikes but the animal would not give up the attack.

After she finally escaped, Bourgeois went back to her home and returned with a gun. She fired repeatedly at Earl, striking the llama multiple times, according to the statement released by the sheriff’s office.

When deputies responded to the location, they discovered Earl alive and limping from his injuries.

The wounded pachyderm was rushed to the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue and treated for a fractured rib and gunshot wounds to his neck, abdomen, and shoulders.

Stacey Alleman McKnight, the executive director of St. Landry Parish Animal Control, said:

“The bullet lodged in Earl’s neck is right at a vertebrae, which if it goes up or down it could cause paralysis. With paralysis, he could no longer eat or drink. So that’s our main concern, the bullet in the neck. The one lodged in his abdomen is a little tricky, it fractured a rib and did damage.”

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz agreed with Bourgeois that she had the right to defend herself against the llama, however,

“Ms. Bourgeois retrieved a gun and then returned and shot the llama, which constitutes the charge of felony cruelty to animals. Bourgeois should have called a vet or animal control for assistance,” he said.

Bourgeois was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

What’s to happen with grumpy ‘ol Earl? McKnight says his owner has two weeks to claim him or the shelter will look to place the llama in a new home. Right now, he takes his pain medication and antibiotics mixed in with a favorite treat, potato chips.

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What do you think about this “self-defense” shooting? Justified or no? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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